Triple P

3P – Performance, Precision, Podium: Ages 18+

The 3P group is a high-performance year-round training program for athletes graduating from the Youth HP level and those with aspirations for the World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships, Junior World Cup and IBU Cup. Athletes in this group train on individual-specific training plans for an average of 6 days a week and a series of multi-day training camps in Canada and abroad. This program is designed for result-oriented performance driven athletes aged 18 and older with a long-term commitment to training and competing for the spots on Canada’s Junior and Senior National Biathlon Teams. This program strives to deliver the highest standards in technical skill development, psychological race preparation and adept, ski technique proficiency and tactical acumen.  Athletes in this group are asked to actively engage with their younger peers as role models and coaching assistants. Each athlete seeking entry to this program will have to meet the minimum performance requirements set by the Head Coach.

If you are currently competing in the sport of Biathlon and feel that this program meets your performance goals please do not hesitate to contact CBR coaches at



  • Skate roller skis
  • Skate boots
  • Skate poles with roller ski tips
  • Short classic poles for ski striding
  • Mountain bike
  • Road bike
  • Bike helmet, Gloves
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Head Lamp (A MUST)
  • Water Bottle/Belt for training
  • Clothing to Participate in ALL weather conditions.


  • Classic Skis
  • Skate Skis
  • Skate Ski Boots
  • Skate Ski Poles
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Appropriate Gloves, Toques, Mitts, Face covering (buff)
  • Wool Socks
  • Base clothing Layers (not cotton)
  • Warm Up or Training clothing
  • CBR Race Suit
  • Glasses for different light and weather conditions
  • Head Lamp *Mandatory for all evening practices
  • Wearable Water Bottle for training.


All biathletes must have a biathlon rifle. There are a number of club rifles available to new biathletes on a first come first served basis, rental is $250 for the first year. Athletes who intend to compete for several years in biathlon are encouraged to purchase their own rifle so that it may be adjusted to their particular requirements. A used biathlon rifle can usually be purchased for about $2,500-$3,500 while the new Anschutz Sprint Fortner biathlon rifle will cost just over $4,000.

All biathletes must pay for the ammunition they use. Typical ammo cost for a year in this group is between $700.00-$1000.00


Annual Fees: $4,950

The athletes are responsible for the purchase of their own training equipment, including rifles, ammunition, skis, mountain bikes as well as membership fees for Biathlon Alberta (Provincial governing body for the sport of biathlon) and Alberta Bicycle Association.

Additional Costs

Using different training facilities throughout the year as well as being able to access certain trails or equipment during practices and camps results in some additional costs:

  • Annual membership with Biathlon Alberta/Biathlon Canada, these are the fees to our sport governing bodies that are required for us to compete in the provincial, national and international competitions
  • Annual membership with the Alberta Bicycle Association allows us to have an insurance coverage for all practices involving bicycles (both road and mountain)
  • Annual ski pass and range user fee at the Canmore Nordic Centre. This is our “home base” and we must pay the fees in order to use the facilities.
  • Equipment rental fees when required (kayaks, paddle boards, etc.)
  • Gym membership fees at WinSport
  • The costs of all training camps are in addition to club annual fee and are split between all athletes in attendance