Join CBR

4 Steps to Join

Calgary Biathlon Racers are open to athletes of all ability levels (from beginner to high performance) and have a simple and yet detailed recruitment procedure in place to ensure that our program is the right fit for a potential new member. We kindly ask those interested in joining the program to follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Book a Demo

Email the CBR coaching staff at to book a demonstration. We encourage all those interested in our programs to attend one of our practices to see firsthand how things are done, what the coaches and athletes are like and also have a chat with some of our parents. Building your own opinion of CBR before applying to join the club is the opportunity we are always happy to provide.

2. Apply

Fill out and submit an online application form.

3. Interview

Attend an interview with the coaching staff and two members of the selection committee upon review of an online application (usually within a week of online submission).

4. Orientation

Attend an orientation session to finalize the process (signing of an athlete agreement, parent handbook review and equipment assessment).

The entire recruitment process is conducted by a panel of two parents (usually members of the Board of Directors) and both coaches.

CBR does have a recruitment window that opens on March 1 of each year and runs until the end of June. That allows us to start all new members at the beginning of dryland training. However, all applications submitted past the deadline and throughout the year will always be considered on an individual basis.

The minimum age to join the Junior Development program (beginner level) is 11. CBR does offer a very affordable rifle rental program to new athletes (only a limited number of rifles are available each year). We do not use air rifles in our training and all new athletes will be starting on .22 cal biathlon rifles.

By agreeing to join the Calgary Biathlon Racers all new athletes are asked to commit to at least 11 months training program (one full season that includes dryland training in the summer/fall and competitions in the winter).  All new members will also be asked to obtain a PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) or a Minor’s Firearms License in order to be eligible to use club rifles.

CBR reserves the right to deny entry to any of our programs based on an applicant’s online submission and/or interview process.

CBR Structure

Calgary Biathlon Racers is a non-profit organization headed by the volunteer board of directors, members of which are the parents of some of our athletes. The club employs two full time coaches. Both coaches report directly to the Club President and the Board of Directors.

Most CBR athletes train in four training groups, which are comprised based on age (younger groups) and skill (older groups). The groups are Junior (Dev. and HP), Senior HP, Youth HP and 3P (Performance, Precision, Podium).  Please, check our Biathlon Programs section for detailed info on each group.

The club also has a non-competitive training group that is designed for former club members/alumni who wish to train for fitness and the parents who would like to try the sport their children are so fond of.  This group trains on an open schedule and usually joins regular practices depending on individual availability.

Calgary Biathlon Racers is a member club of Biathlon Alberta (Provincial governing body for the sport of biathlon) and thus adheres to all rules and regulations set by the provincial organization.

Annual club training fees are payable in two installments, once in April and once in October.