Calgary Biathlon Racers

The Calgary Biathlon Racers (CBR) club opened its doors on May 1, 2012 with 14 athletes (a number that is depicted on our logo!) and two coaches. Unlike the vast majority of the Nordic programs in Canada where clubs usually offer both cross country skiing and biathlon components CBR coaches elected to follow a different model , where the program focus is on a single sport… biathlon. This approach to training is modeled somewhat after the Sport School of Olympic Reserve systems of Russia and the Ukraine. At the core of these systems is a development of performance-inspired athletes from a young age and their natural progression to National Junior and Senior teams level.

Our Philosophy

Not every young individual entering our program is destined to be a high performance athlete and we fully recognize that. In fact, most of the young hopefuls in any non-team sport in Canada never even stay in the sport past high school and of the very small number that does continue in the sport only few make it to the international level. Why focus on performance then you may ask? The answer is simple… to give every athlete an opportunity to have a purpose in their training, a development path to follow that is a bit more than a recreational after-school activity. We only aim to be a quality biathlon avenue for these athletes to walk down, whether it takes them to the World Junior Championship or a provincial race series. Individual athlete development is the foundation of CBR’s training philosophy. It is reflected in the following:

  • Low coach to athlete ratio throughout all training groups
  • Individual training plans starting at Senior Category level (15-16 years old)
  • Individual athlete evaluations throughout the year starting at 13 years old
  • One-on-one coaching and instruction for athletes in the IBU categories (17 and up) throughout the preparatory phase and during race season
  • Athlete mentorship in the dryland season, when the club’s older athletes coach and mentor their younger teammates (usually in one-on-one format)
  • Constant oversight of athlete’s training through web based biathlon-specific training log (Youth categories and up)
  • CBR coaches are always available to athletes and their parents for pre- or post-practice individual feedback or in between training sessions and days off either in person or via phone, email or text

We aim to always provide…

  • Full race support to the athletes in the program regardless of age and skill level
  • Continuity in coaching and consistency in training philosophy from athletes at the beginner level to athletes on Canada’s National Junior Biathlon Team
  • Constant technical and analytical support of the training process throughout the season (technique sessions with video/ photo individual and comparative analysis, shooting trainer (SCATT) analysis, nutrition strategies, race tactical preparation and recovery techniques, lactate and physical testing, biomechanical analysis)
  • Multi-faceted training process with a focus on healthy growth and development through variable and changing biathlon specific training and cross-training methods, from preparatory phase to competition season
  • A European biathlon training model that is centered around training camps throughout the season, especially in the older groups where athletes are competing for spots on Canada’s National Youth or Junior teams
  • A specific attention to psychological training of athletes through theory sessions during training camps and testing during practical sessions

CBR Coaches’ Pledge

We pledge to always be open to new ideas, constructive criticism and feedback from athletes and parents. We also stress self-education and learning in our effort to stay current and up-to-date with the latest biathlon trends and developments.