Give BIATHLON a shot! CBR is recruiting for 2022-23 season.

Give BIATHLON a shot! CBR is recruiting for 2022-23 season.

Calgary, AB. Biathlon is a fairly unique discipline in the world of sports as it combines two seemingly opposite components, which are cross country skiing and rifle marksmanship. Switching from high-powered skiing to calm, still and precise shooting and then repeating it over a few laps is a truly exhilarating experience as it tests ones’ physical as well as mental abilities and adaptive skills. This makes it a great sport to be a part of for children and youth as it teaches them the very basic mechanical skills and then develops the more complex aspects of human bio-mechanics. That, in turn, makes young athletes grow into a well developed, balanced, healthy and extremely skilled individuals.

There’s no prior Nordic or shooting experience required to try biathlon. Calgary Biathlon Racers offer an entry-level program for athletes as young as 11 years old (we might consider extremely keen and eager 10 year olds!). This program, the Junior group, is athlete-centred from day one as we maintain an extremely low coach to athlete ratio, by design. None of our new athletes share rifles and we’re happy to provide an affordable rifle rental program to all of our new members.

One important aspect separates biathlon from many other sports, and that is the variety of cross-training that is involved in it throughout the 11 month long season. When you sign up for biathlon program with CBR you will be exposed to many different training activities and modes.  From roller skiing and skiing, to swimming and paddle boarding, hiking, trail running and mountain biking to shooting (biathlon rifles and paintball guns), sports games (soccer, floor hockey, basketball) topped off by mental and psychological training methodology as well as tactical and nutritional preparation and instruction.


We currently have openings in our advanced groups as well. These groups train 5 to 6 days a week and spend considerable amount of time away at a training camps, especially during the summer and fall. We do welcome athletes with no prior experience in the sport as well as those that have been or currently are training in biathlon.

All of our groups are designed to allow maximum individual attention at practices, scrimmages, and competitions. Low coach to athlete ratio allows us to track our athlete’s progress and accurately test their athletic development and performance throughout the year. An individual attention on each and every athlete gives us an opportunity to spot mistakes earlier and address them in most efficient and timely fashion, without impeding the athlete’s health.



We encourage you to give us a call and sign up for a free tryout session. Come in and explore the Winter Olympic Sport of Biathlon before you commit.

You can find out more information about all of our programs by either emailing us at


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