Closing Down

With great sadness, Calgary Biathlon Racers has permanently closed as of the 2023/2024 biathlon season.

We’d like to thank all the great coaches, athletes and parents who were part of CBR over the years.

Investing in education

From the day we opened our doors back in May of 2012 we committed to a performance-inspired biathlon program that would develop quality athletes for Canada’s Junior and Senior National Teams. That goal, in our minds, could only be achieved by developing quality individuals first, and that is nearly impossible without quality and continuous education.

Biathlon Focused Since 2012

Unlike the majority of the Nordic programs in Canada offering both cross country skiing and biathlon components, CBR coaches focus solely on biathlon training. This approach is modeled after the Sport School of Olympic Reserve systems of Russia and the Ukraine. At the core of these systems is the development of performance-inspired athletes and a natural progression to National Junior and Senior teams level.

Give us a shot

Calgary Biathlon Racers are open to athletes of all ability levels (from beginner to high performance) and have a simple and yet detailed recruitment procedure in place to ensure that our program is the right fit for a potential new member. We kindly ask those interested in joining the program to follow these 4 simple steps:




Current Athletes


Months of Training per Year


Training Locations

Who Can Join CBR?

Calgary Biathlon Racers are open to athletes of all ability levels, from beginner to high performance, ages 11 and up. CBR has a recruitment window that opens on March 1 of each year and runs until the end of June. However, all applications submitted past the deadline and throughout the year will always be considered on an individual basis.

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