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Sept 28-29, 2013 - Biathlon Alberta and CBR host 2013 Summer Biathlon Championships in Canmore, AB.

November 24-25, 2012, Canmore

Our athletes got a taste of the competition for the very first time this season over the weekend as members of the Calgary Biathlon Racers. A large field of competition was a welcome sight as we all embraced a rare opportunity to compete against very strong athletes from all over Canada and even some U.S. states in a NorAm Cup#1/Calforex Cup #1.

Saturday featured a Sprint race and our crew seemed to have some race jitters as we started off slowly, if not cautiously. Our Seniors had to battle with a formidable force in the face of very strong athletes from Edmonton, Canmore and British Columbia. A few mistakes on the range had put them behind the eight-ball but a steady pace had allowed all our seniors to finish in top 15, with three of our guys squeezing in top 10. Junior boys had their own battle to do as they faced off against their old and new foes in Dev.2 Boys category. At the end all 5 of our Junior Boys had finished inside top 9 with Brett Pennington winning a Silver medal. Rocket sisters took the bull by the horns right from the start setting and maintaining a high pace throughout the race, which saw Gillian come out on top and India capturing a Silver medal. Ashley Runnalls was our lone representative in the Senior Girls category, which also marked her debut in this category. She did admirably in her first ever race that involved shooting standing as Ashley finished midpack in the very competitive field of athletes from all over Canada.

Day 2 had our athletes race in the always entertaining Pursuit. With race jitters out of the way our Seniors went right back to action in an effort to chase down the leaders from the previous day. And Jakob Chambers did just that vaulting himself from 9th place to 2nd with Wesley and Ben again finishing in top 10. Four shooting bouts seemed to put some pressure on Ashley in Sr. Girls category as she missed a few shots but still managed to ski very fast. Gillian and India put on quite a show on Sunday as they were going neck and neck for the first half of the race until the third shooting bout when India was forced to ski extra penalty loops, which in turn gave Gillian much needed breathing room. GG showed no signs of nervousness on her last trip to the range as she closed 4 targets and skied to her second Gold medal of the weekend. India finished the race in second place winning her second Silver medal. Brett stole the show in Dev.2 Boys category showing some real poise and impressive ski speed enroute to his first Gold medal. All our Junior boys have landed in top 9 once again with 3 of our guys finishing inside top 5. With all other races behind our lone representative in Dev.1 boys, Finn, was facing quite an uphill to climb as he had 7 other athletes to chase in his bid to recover from not so successful outing the day before. He seemed to have embraced the challenge as his chase started with a clean first shooting, followed by clean second shooting and completed with ... yet another clean shooting as he crossed the finish line in first place with a comfortable lead of over two minutes.

A great race weekend left our crew hungry for more as we're getting ready for Calforex Cup #2.








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