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Chad Berling

WHEN DID YOU START BIATHLON?  I started biathlon three years ago in September 2010.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE SPORT? I was first introduced to biathlon through a summer camp in 2010 at Canada Olympic Park and have loved it ever since. I was attracted to the diverse abilities that are required.

WHAT MAKES BIATHLON FUN FOR YOU? Biathlon is fun because you have to be very smart, but also physically fit.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE CBR?  I chose CBR due to the club's philosophy of individualized training and the quality of coaching.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE TRAINING /CAMP? WHY?  My most memorable camp was when I was first introduced to Biathlon in the summer of 2010.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE COMPETITION/RACE?  The 2012 Alberta Winter Games was very memorable because of the Winter Games environment and it was my first race in Dev.2 shooting without the rest.

DO YOU THINK THE GIRLS ARE BETTER SHOOTERS THAN THE BOYS :-)?   Gender doesn't matter because results just depend on the athlete's ability and experience.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE FORMAT?  The Sprint format is my favourite because it is fast and difficult.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN BIATHLON?  My main goal is to continuously improve my skills while having fun.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE BIATHLETE AND WHY?  Nathan Smith is my favourite biathlete because he is Calgarian and was introduced to the sport the same way I was. I would like to follow in his footsteps.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE RULES OF BIATHLON WHAT WOULD IT BE? I believe the current rules are good and do not need to be changed.

WHAT ARE YOUR MOST MEMORABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS?  I won Bronze in my first two Junior Dev.1 races; I was pressured to win my last two Junior Dev.1 races and won gold in both races; Top 10 finish at the Alberta Winter Games in my first Dev.2 race.








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