Youth HP Ages 16-18


The Youth HP is a high-performance year round training program designed for athletes graduating from Senior HP and those with aspirations to compete at Canada Winter Games, World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championship and Canadian Biathlon National Championship.  This program is also open to active biathletes aged 16 to 18 with race experience at Canadian National level. The group trains an average of 5 days a week. They spend a considerable amount of time at multi-day training camps in both Canada and the U.S. The training process in this group revolves around individual development with a strong focus on nutrition, race tactics, strategies, recovery, precision shooting and efficient technique under physical and mental stress, detailed photo/video analysis. Each athlete in the Youth HP program receives an individual training plan and is encouraged to maintain an online based biathlon-specific training log. Each athlete seeking entry to this program will have to meet the minimum performance requirements set by the Head Coach.

Schedules, Times & Fees: Coming Soon

Spring/Summer/Fall Equipment:

  • Skate and Classic roller skis
  • Skate and Classic boots
  • Skate and Classic poles with roller ski ferrules
  • Knee Pads for new Roller Skiers Recommended
  • Short classic poles for ski bounding
  • Road or Mtn Bike for Road cycling
  • Bike helmet, Gloves
  • Hi visibility vest or t-shirt for roller skiing
  • Heart rate monitor (mandatory)
  • Head Lamp
  • Training/Racing Log Book- Individual training program online
  • Wearable Water Bottle for training.
  • Clothing to Participate in ALL weather conditions.

 Winter Equipment:

  • Skate Training and Racing Skis
  • Classic Training and Racing Skis. Zero Skis.
  • Skate and Classic Ski Boots
  • Skate and Classic Poles.
  • Good quality trail running shoes
  • Appropriate Gloves, Toques, Mitts, Face covering (buff)
  • Wool Socks
  • Wicking Layers (not cotton)
  • Warm Up or Training clothing
  • CBR Race Suit
  • Xcountry Glasses  for different light and weather conditions
  • Heart rate monitor is mandatory
  • Head Lamp (Mandatory to have on the skier at all practices)
  • Training/Racing Log Book- Individual Training Log online
  • Wearable Water Bottle for training.
  • Clothing to Participate in ALL weather conditions
  • Appropriately stocked wax box and waxing tools for training and race prep wax


  • All biathletes must have their own biathlon rifle at this level
  • A firearms PAL (possession acquisition license) is required
  • All biathletes must pay for the ammunition they use. Typical ammo cost for a year is between $500.00 and $1500.00.