Biathlon Programs

The Calgary Biathlon Racers Program offers athletes the opportunity to experience cross-country skiing, racing, biathlon shooting, adventuring, hiking, exploring, while training year round.

Our club is volunteer run, and we are passionate about cross-country skiing and the sport of biathlon.  Whether you are an experienced racer, a dedicated cross-country skier or new to the sport, we offer high performance programs that will help you enhance your abilities in both cross-country skiing and biathlon.

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Biathlon Programs and Requirements:

  • All athletes over 12 years of age are required to maintain a valid Minors Firearms License or Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) when over 18 yrs of age.  A person in the household of the Athlete is required to maintain a valid PAL.
  • All athletes are to provide their own equipment including a .22 cal rifle and ammunition, skis, roller skis and gear (1st year athletes can rent a rifle from the club)
  • Optimum time to join the club is at the start of the training cycle in May.  Discussion with the coaches should start in March or April.  New members may be accepted into the club at other times if they have the ability to integrate into the existing training cycle without interrupting the training of other athletes.
  • Athlete candidates looking to enter the Junior Development program will be tested for physical ability, endurance, basic shooting skills and mental aptitude.
  • Only athletes that are committed to performance in biathlon and are looking for long-term development will be accepted into the program.
  • CBR athletes will be expected to make a financial commitment based on 11-month training schedule regardless of actual attendance.
  • CBR athletes will be expected to volunteer at certain biathlon development events (i.e. ABC Kinder Cup race series, IBU events and demonstration sessions).
  • Regular training will take place in the Bow Valley Corridor with possible travel outside of Alberta for training camps and competitions (depending on funding availability).

Program Fees: 

CBR has been in operation since 2012 and is funded by Alberta Lotteries, corporate sponsors, grants, community groups and user fees.

  • The annual program fee per athlete (based on 11-month training schedule) for 2016-17 season:
    • Junior HP: $250.00 per month (payable in two installments per year)
    • Junior Racing: $225.00 per month (payable in two installments per year)
    • Senior HP and Champion HP: $250.00 per month (payable in two installments per year)
  • Parent volunteers play a large role in delivering a top quality program at reasonable cost.

*Fee amounts may vary from year to year and will be determined by the Board of Directors at the end of each season based on the number of athletes in each program.

Program Coverage:

  • Full cost of coaching and training
  • Waxing, equipment maintenance and repair (labour only)
  • Coaching and technical support at races in Alberta and training camps
  • Theory sessions and presentations by third parties
  • Practice materials (printing, paper targets, handouts, video coverage and analysis)
  • Race materials (clipboards, radios, etc.)

Program fees will NOT cover:

  • Equipment (rifles, ammunition, skis, etc.)
  • Race suits with club logo (sponsor donations cover a portion of the cost)
  • Race fees
  • Travel costs to training, camp and race locations
  • Biathlon Alberta membership
  •  CNC ski and range pass.

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