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Ashley Runnalls

WHEN DID YOU START BIATHLON?  I started in 2010/11 season.  I was going to all the races to watch my brother and decided it would be better to be a participant.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE SPORT? I am an accomplished downhill skier and thought I would try something different.  To be honest I really didn’t like the gun part of biathlon at all at first.

WHAT MAKES BIATHLON FUN FOR YOU? I like to challenge myself and see improvements in my skiing and racing.  I like to be in shape and Biathlon is a awesome way to stay in shape.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE CBR? Well I actually like Iari and Airat and wanted them to keep coaching me.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE TRAINING /CAMP? WHY?  The 2011/12 Alberta Winter Games training camp out of Canmore because we got to ski at Lake Louise in the powder and it was a ton of fun.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE COMPETITION/RACE?  The first individual race in the 2011/12 Calforex race series because I shot really well and made it to the podium for the first time in Dev 2 and the Alberta Winter Games race where I came third but was not allowed to be awarded the medal because I was too old for the category.  It made my day when the official third place finisher offered me the bronze medal anyhow.

DO YOU THINK THE GIRLS ARE BETTER SHOOTERS THAN THE BOYS :-)?  Yes because if you look at the results of races for the older athletes the girls seem to shoot better than the boys.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE FORMAT?  Definitely not mass start so I would have to say individual because it favors strong shooters and that is my strength.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN BIATHLON?  To be able to make Team Alberta this year and to also move on to the national team level  some day. 

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE BIATHLETE AND WHY?  Nathan Smith because I watched him race and win a goal medal last year in an IBU race.  He even beat the Russian Airat.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE RULES OF BIATHLON WHAT WOULD IT BE?  To be able to shoot a couple of extra shoots, especially for standing.

WHAT ARE YOUR MOST MEMORABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS?  In my first year of competition I was the point leader in AirRifle 1 category.   Even more memorable is everytime I finish a race, whether I am on the podium or not, I feel like all the training is worthwhile and it makes me smile.  I love the feeling of accomplishing my goals. 








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