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Adam Runnalls

WHEN DID YOU START BIATHLON?  I started biathlon in Dec 2009 at a Kindercup. I liked it so much I decided to join the bears program in Jan 2010.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO THE SPORT?  I visited the Alberta Biathlon Club booth at the Ski Show for a couple of years just for the shooting. I never thought I would do the sport because I like downhill skiing better so my Mom suggested I sign up and try it for something different.

WHAT MAKES BIATHLON FUN FOR YOU?  I like to spend time on skis and do exercise outside – especially the winter.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE CBR? Airat has been the only coach I have ever had and I wanted to be in a more serious club focused on racing.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE TRAINING /CAMP? WHY?  2010 Camrose Camp because I was the youngest person there and got to hang out with the older guys in the sport.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE COMPETITION/RACE?  The first Calforex cup of 2011/12 which was the Alberta Winter Games qualifying race. This was my most memorable race because I went into the start gate hoping to place in the top 10, not expecting to be on the podium, but I surprised myself and achieved not only a spot on the Zone 3 biathlon team but a silver medal next to my friend Joey.

DO YOU THINK THE GIRLS ARE BETTER SHOOTERS THAN THE BOYS :-)? Yes I do because guys try to shoot faster to beat their friends and then end up missing targets.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE FORMAT?  Pursuit because you have four shooting and it is a longer race. Also your starting place is based on your previous result which means you have to perform two days in a row and I like the challenge of doing that.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS IN BIATHLON?  To take my time with the sport and consistently get better until I am on the World Class Level.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE BIATHLETE AND WHY?  Beau Thompson because he is a great coach and fun to talk to and be around. He gives me good advice and he is currently on the National Team.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE RULES OF BIATHLON WHAT WOULD IT BE?  Bigger people need to have slower skis so they don’t pass me on the downhills.

WHAT ARE YOUR MOST MEMORABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS? I was the point leader in Air Rifle 2 in the 2010/11 Calforex series. In 2011/12 season I finished second in the overall points behind Cole and ended up on the podium 8 times out of 13 races, with 2 wins. Another memorable accomplishment was being selected as the Gernot Kostera Award winner last year.








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