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CBR Board of Directors 2014-2015:

Todd Berling, President

Louis Champagne, Vice-President

Vacant, Secretary

Francine Taylor-Gobeil, Treasurer

Vacant, Director, Fundraising

Wendy Churchill, Director, Operations

John Chambers, Director at Large

Will Groeneveld, Director at Large

Coaching staff:

Iaroslav Khomiak, Head Coach, NCCP Level 4

Airat Aitniakov, Assistant Coach, NCCP Level 2

Calgary Biathlon Racers today...

  • is home to 18 keen young athletes. Our youngest member is 11 years old and our oldest at the moment is 18.
  • have two coaches, both of whom have an accent (Iaroslav is Ukrainian and Airat is from Western Siberia, Russia)
  • is supported by a group of most "awesomest" biathlon parents in Alberta

We are striving to be...

  • a high performance year-round training program for athletes aged 11 and older
  • an avenue for young aspiring biathletes to realize their full potential in a no-pressure, supportive and fun environment with the focus on personal development
  • a transparent model where parents are the ones making financial, administrative and staffing decisions based on the number of athletes, available funding and long-term organizational goals

Jan 20, 2015

Iari Airat CBRShootingCamp IMG97242
Iaroslav Khomiak, Head Coach Airat Aitniakov, Assistant Coach "The Bosses" "The Gang"







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