About Us

Calgary Biathlon Racers today…

  • is home to approx. 20 keen young athletes. Our youngest member is 12 years old and our oldest at the moment is 20.
  • have two coaches, both of whom have an accent (Iaroslav is Ukrainian and Airat is from Western Siberia, Russia)
  • is supported by a group of parents who are actively involved in the personal development of their athletes and are known for being the most active volunteers in the sport.  CBR does not track or demand a set number of volunteer hours from parents.  We prefer to spend our time loving and supporting our young athletes.

We are striving to be…

  • a high performance year-round training program for athletes aged 11 and older
  • an avenue for young aspiring biathletes to realize their full potential in a no-pressure, supportive and fun environment with the focus on personal development
  • a transparent leadership model where parents are the ones making financial, administrative and staffing decisions based on the number of athletes, available funding and long-term organizational goals